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A Taste of Tradition: Four Standout Spots for Afternoon Tea in London

There’s something delightfully theatrical about slipping into evening finery mid-afternoon. From the first clink of bone china, tea-lovers re-enact the ritual of Victorian Britain, with the soundtrack of a well-tuned piano and the warmth of a well-buttered scone. Where better to become part of the performance than the tea capital itself? From glitzy classics to whimsical interpretations, here you’ll find our curated list of four of the most distinctive spots for afternoon tea in London. The con

Bob Bob Ricard Soho: London's Eccentric Eatery

School-themed eateries, dining in the dark and black cab cafes. Today, London’s dining scene is peppered with gimmicks, as restaurants vie for the attention of a crowd who’s seen it all. While some strike success, others fade into insignificance with the next new craze, lacking the real substance to retain their customers. However, there’s one restaurant whose eccentricities have endured the capital’s fickle ways, sustained by the backbone of high-class cuisine. Rather than tacky or overwhelming

The Antigua Charter Yacht Show: The Caribbean’s Friendly Maritime Meeting

They say money can’t buy happiness. However, as famously argued by American rock musician, David Lee Roth, ‘‘it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull up right alongside it’’. Looking at the charming setting of Antigua’s largest nautical gathering, it’s hard to disagree. In the sunny sailing capital of the Caribbean, dozens of vessels await their annual debut. Single, double and triple-decker cruisers proudly align the pier, matching the majesty of their surroundings. Friendly faces dot the port

Feeding the Subconscious: Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet

There’s a click as the doors of the minivan lock shut. Inside, ten strangers exchange nervous glances as the vehicle growls into motion. Surrendering all autonomy, the group edges towards an unknown location, concealed amongst the stretching streets of Shanghai. They halt at the mouth of an alleyway, as the glare of headlights reveals what appears to be an industrial warehouse. The smell is unmistakable. Burnt bread, with a hint of truffle. There’s the creak of a gate, the plunge of an elevator

Unwind Among the Vineyards of Italy: Poggio al Casone

Balance, complexity and finish. For years, sommeliers have sought fine wines with harmonious components, depth of flavour and an effect which lingers on the senses. However, at the Castellani Wine Estate in Tuscany, it’s not just the produce which meets these criteria. In the depths of the vineyards of Italy, lines of straight-backed Cypress trees chaperone the walkway to Poggio al Casone, a luxury wine resort which is sure to leave a lasting taste. With delicate furnishings, organic surrounding

The South Beach Wine and Food Festival: Miami’s Gourmet Gathering

On Miami’s South Beach, it’s not just the waves that are flowing. Metres away from the salty shore, dozens of white-peaked stalls are alive with the murmur of a well-fed crowd, aroused by an afternoon of boundless champagne and culinary delights. The aroma of garlic-bathed oysters fills the promenade, while elsewhere mixologists transform freshly sourced ingredients into original concoctions. This is just a taste of what you can expect at the Food Network and Cooking Channel South Beach Wine and

A Mid-Carnival Night’s Dream: Antonia Sautter's Il Ballo del Doge

Powdery reflections of lilac and blue cast an enchanting illusion over the Grand Canal of Venice. Outside the Palazzo Pisani Moretta, whispers of anticipation hover above the water as anonymous eyes widen from behind glistening masks. Beyond the palace’s gothic façade, a hedonistic wonderland awaits; chiselled acrobats descend onto clouds of feathered headpieces and 18th century characters come alive. This is Il Ballo del Doge, the surreal soirée where fantasy and reality rub shoulders and tradi

5 Essential Tips To Get The Most Out Of Working In A Hostel

Long-term backpacking is a great way to guarantee a truly immersive travel experience. Done properly, it carries the promise of friends from around the globe, as well as a true familiarity with a destination, and its people. However, with accommodation, food, travel, and entertainment to budget for, it does not always come cheap. So, what if I told you that you could do all of these things for a fraction of the price? For those with a tight budget, a workstay or staying and working in a hostel i

Camping In The Sahara: My Magical Experience

Having grown up in wintry England, the mystical expanse of the desert was something that had always seemed out of reach to me. It was not until 2018, during my time studying in Spain, that these worlds collided, when the international student network advertised a four-day trip around Morocco. The trip would culminate in a priceless night sleeping in the depth of the Sahara Desert; a chance to unlock the secret cosmos which, until now, had only existed on postcards or the pages of Middle Eastern

Four Unmissable Places To Visit Outside Havana

When many people think of Cuba, it is the faded glamour of its capital city Havana which may come to mind. Drenched in unique history and brimming with spirit, the city’s striking fusion of the vintage and the modern make it a somewhat puzzling, yet widely popular tourist destination. However, unbeknownst to many, Cuba’s enigmatic charm extends further than its vivacious capital. For a true sample of Cuban culture, venture into its 14 other provinces, each of which offers its own unique flavour

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